Balanced eating


to feel healthy

A healthy cuisine comes from a careful and continuous cooperation between the medical staff and the kitchen staff. Typical Mediterranean recipes goes perfectly together with the most modern innovations in the nutrition field and with the most up-to date cooking techniques. From these connections we created a menu that, always considering the seasonal rhythms, is able to satisfy the most discerning guests. The proposed menus are divided into 2 important typologies. The first is a low calorie menu of around 800-1000 calories, dedicated to who wants to lose weight quickly or to start under medical control a low calorie diet to be continued at home.This kind of menu is composed of white meat, lake or sea fish and all types of vegetables. The second menu, rebalancing and detox, composed of a different amount of calories according to the personal needs is aimed to who wants to maintain a good physical form without losing much weight. Another kind of menu, rebalancing and detox, is prescribed for specific evaluations that depend on the different body structure of the guest. Food is handled carefully in order to maintain the nutritional characteristics. The types of cooking are always extremely delicate and short, to bring out the natural flavours and to permit fruit and vegetables to keep a high vitamin content. In this way the diet also has an antioxidant effect.