From preventive medicine


to precision medicine

From the very beginning, Villa Paradiso and La Maison du Relax have focused their activities on Preventive Medicine, following a simple principle: "preventive care to avoid diseases later on". Specifically, the objective is to improve the quality of life of individuals in the immediate term in order to delay, or even avoid, the onset of complex, sometimes irreversible, pathologies. A mission which, through diagnosis and personalized care pathways, has led to substantial results and overall well-being, both from a physical and psychological standpoint. Over time, the belief that each individual should take a "break” to think about themselves and their health has grown steadily to become a mandatory step in a healthy lifestyle. This is all the more true as we, at Villa Paradiso and La Maison du Relax, have continuously witnessed how personalization of care pathways has proven to be a fundamental strategy to obtain results that are increasingly targeted to the specific needs of the patient (every one of us is different after all).

This long-lasting and positive journey has led us to build an even more advanced and modern concept: Precision Medicine!

A new approach, so to speak. It consists of a new form of medicine which combines diagnosis and therapy in an ultra-specialized way to identify individual characteristics of each person in a more specific manner, while still relying on the medical department's technical accuracy and following the needs of the customer. In a nutshell, precision medicine aims to build a care pathway for the right person at the right time!