Nutritional Health:


Balance, Knowledge, Awareness

Our style of cuisine has certainly contributed in the past to creating a culture of well-being and ae-sthetics. Ever since its creation, it has clearly stood apart from previous ideas of a healthy diet – which are based on prohibition and dogmas –, giving birth to a new concept of nutritional health which no longer involves deprivation but promotes a dietary lifestyle which aims at satisfying our senses of taste and smell and our eyes. Talent and creativity were finally freed from past restric-tions. They are now fully expressed through the creation of various dishes, all featuring the charac-teristics of Mediterranean tradition and flavors, combined with those of exotic cuisine in a sort of magical cultural fusion.

Our Chefs dedicate a great deal of attention not only to the choice of raw materials (natural, eco-sustainable and biologically pure), but also to the various preparation and cooking techniques and times, in order to preserve all the nutritional and antioxidant characteristics of the ingredients without altering flavors. Working in synergy with the medical staff and guided by them through the informa-tion provided on a daily basis, the Chefs prepare and personalize all the various dishes selected by nutritionists with each client on an individual basis, according to set goals and personal tastes.

  • A first Mediterranean-like low-calorie protein-rich menu, involving a moderate ketoacidosis and containing around 800 to 1000 calories per day, allows each guest to undertake their personal nutri-tional journey and control their body weight. The menu can be adapted in terms of calories to each individual need.
  • A second Mediterranean-like menu, this time more complete and balanced in terms of nutrients (proteins, carbs and fats) and with a variable calorie count, can aim not only at a more moderate weight loss, but also, and especially, at a more effective overall detoxification and a greater nutritio-nal rehabilitation. Both types of menus can also be adapted following a "low-calorie, energetic and controlled" nutritional approach. 

All cooking methods will be explained and illustrated during a meeting with guests in which our Chefs will be able to answer all questions and share their knowledge regarding healthy eating, a necessa-ry prerequisite for building effective personalized nutritional habits.